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Container desiccant (Calcium Chloride )



Container desiccant(Calcium Chloride ) is packaged by Tyvek. The moisture absorption is more higher than normal desiccant, nearly ten times than normal desiccant.

In the container ocean shipping or storage process, containers will often experience the marine humid climate and a strong diurnal temperature changes(the range of temperature changes will be 0 ¡æ ~ 80 ¡æ), the humidity may turn to 98%, which is the Condensation phenomena. When the temperature is 30 ¡æ, water content in the air is 30.4g/m3. When the temperature reduces from 30 ¡æ to 18 ¡æ, water content will reduce to 15.4  g/m3.  At the same time, other water vapor condenses into water. For example, a 40-foot container will produce 1000g condensate water, which is commonly known as the "container rain."

Betpak container desiccant can effectively prevent condensation by controlling the dew point, and do a fundamental solution to the cargo damage due to damp container. 

Scope of Applications

Available for container ocean transferring or storage, cargo transport or storage in aviation, rail and highway, can alse be used directly in large-scale machinery, electronics, communications equipments an so on. 

According to

U.S. Military Standard (MIL-D-3464E),  Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS-Z-0701) and German Industrial Standard (DIN-55473). 

Technical data of Tyvek:

PropertyUnitParameterAccording toTester


g/m258¡À3/Electronic scale



Puncture strength£¬¡Ý

N50FTMS 101Electronic tensile testing machine

Sealing strength£¬¡Ý

N/25mm4ASTM D 882Electronic tensile testing machine


¦¸108~1011ASTM D 257ESD Tester

¡óHigh puncture resistance¡ª¡ªgood protection for the mont-clay or silica gel inside.

¡óGood water resistance ¡ª¡ªBecause the Tyvek is made of PE, so even damp or soaked, the technical strength won¡¯t change

¡óGood breathability¡ª¡ªmake sure that the desiccant can absorb fully.

¡óExcellent chemical resistance ¡ª¡ª It¡¯s lack of reaction with most strong acid, alkali & salt.

¡óAntistatic  surface treatment¡ª¡ªdust- free, no foreign matter on the surface.

Technical data of Calcium Chloride

AppearanceWhite powder/
Melting point782¡æ/
Boiling point1600¡æ/
adsorption of water vapor at 25¡æ
280Temperature humidity chamber
PH value6~8PH test paper

Weight£º50g, 100g, 125g (or string: 50g*4, 100g*4, 125g*4)

Storage£ºTemperature ¡Ü35¡æ£¬Humidity¡Ü70%

Valid period £ºone year/carton box, two years/plastic drum(without open)

Delivery date£º5 weekdays