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Tyvek-mont clay desiccant



DuPont Tyvek is a registered trademark of DuPont proprietary¡¯s protective material brands. It makes use of flash distillation technology: the polymer is processed into continuous filaments by hot-melting, then forms high-density polyethylene after thermal bonding. Using this unique technology we can produce light weight but very tough materials. Tyvek series products combine the benefits of paper, film and fiber as a whole, provide with properties such as tough, durable, strong anti-puncture, anti-static & dust-free, and their control wet working time is from 60~75 days.

Scope of Applications

Available for electronic components, glass lenses, semiconductor packaging & testing, medical supplies & health care products, bio-chip and so on. 

According to

U.S. Military Standard (MIL-D-3464E),  Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS-Z-0701) and German Industrial Standard (DIN-55473).

Technical data of Tyvek:

PropertyUnitParameterAccording toTester
Weightg/m258¡À3/Electronic scale
Puncture strength£¬¡İN50FTMS 101Electronic tensile testing machine
Sealing strength£¬¡İN/25mm4ASTM D 882
ESD¦¸108~1011ASTM D 257ESD Tester

¡óHigh puncture resistance¡ª¡ªgood protection for the mont-clay or silica gel inside.

¡óGood water resistance ¡ª¡ªBecause the Tyvek is made of PE, so even damp or soaked, the technical strength won¡¯t change

¡óGood breathability¡ª¡ªmake sure that the desiccant can absorb fully.

¡óExcellent chemical resistance ¡ª¡ª It¡¯s lack of reaction with most strong acid, alkali & salt.

¡óAntistatic  surface treatment¡ª¡ªdust- free, no foreign matter on the surface.

Characteristics of Mont-clay

AppearanceNatural granular, gray and purple/
density£¬g/L£¬¡İ900-950Grad cylinder, Electronic scale
Particle diameter, mm0.5-1.5/1-4Micrometer
PH value7.0¡À0.5PH test paper
Adsorption capacity

Dynamic test box
moisture content£¨170¡æ£©£¬%£¬¡Ü2.0Drier, electronic scale

Ingredient of Mont-clay

Chemical ComponentsWeight,%CAS NO
Silicon dioxide (SiO2 )66.787631-86-9
ferric oxide (Fe2O3)9.711309-37-1
Aluminum oxide (Al2O3 )18.421344-28-1
calcium oxide (CaO )4.421305-78-8
Sodium oxide( Na2O )0.421313-59-3
potassium oxide( K2O )0.2512136-45-7


Storage£ºTemperature ¡Ü35¡æ£¬Humidity¡Ü70%

Valid period £ºone year/carton box, two years/plastic drum(without open)

Delivery date£º5 weekdays